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Thanks for signing up to get updates about my upcoming course on How To Create A RFP.  It is going to be great.  There will be free bonus material that you can use to create your own RFP without having to take my course.

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I will be digging really deep into how I’ve saved money with different vendors and selected the best of the best vendors.  Wow, saving money and getting the best vendor is a great deal.

Here are several examples of RFPs that I successful conducted.

  • Issued a RFP for replacing old and failing equipment.  We were running everything on “bandaids”.  I was able to get this large vendor (the gorilla in the marketplace) to change their discount from 20% to 49%.  (The sales leaders had to tell the senior executives if they exceeded 50% and they didn’t want to do that.) This saved me $350k on this one purchase.
  • Issued a RFP for communication services.  This was a very large RFP that took multiple vendors in multiple budget line items and put them all through one RFP.  The end result was a $1.24 million in savings per year on new three year contracts.  That is a total savings of $3.72 million over three years.
  • Responded to a RFP for a large customer (66,149 employees in 2013).  The customer wanted to combine multiple departments across the state into one RFP.  The RFP had 4 major areas to bid for and we won in every area. We ended up saving the customer over $2 million over a 5 year period.

So you can see that by issuing a RFP you have huge opportunities to save money, pick the best vendor, and grow your business.

So where else can I help you?  If you could ask me anything, what would it be?  Enter your question below and I’ll respond with answers as soon as possible.  I may even turn it into a blog post to help others as well.

Again, thanks for connecting and let me know where I can help you.


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