Thank You For Reconnecting

It is great to reconnect with you.  You’ve worked with me and helped me in the past, so this is my way to start adding value back for you and the rest of the community.  You will be receiving a confirmation email from me to confirm that you want your email added to my list. When you receive the email, please click on the link to confirm that I can keep in touch with you.

Speaking of keeping in touch and giving back to others, I asked one of my friends how I could help him and here is his question:

“We are always able to come up with ways to motivate and energize employees, but they are short lived. How can we keep people motivated without reinventing the wheel every time?”  


Great question! And a question I have heard at every job that I have ever worked at. So he isn’t alone.  As a result, I am writing a blog post around this specific topic.  I don’t have all the answers but I do have practical solutions.  If I don’t have the answer, I’ll find the answer.

So where can I help you?  If you could ask me anything, what would it be?  Enter your question below and I’ll respond with answers as soon as possible.  I may even turn it into a blog post to help others as well.

Again, thanks for reconnecting and let me know where I can help you.


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